Heroes of a Darker Hue

Heroes are those martyred folk,

Putting heritage before

The selfish grumblings of their soul

Thus live forever more…


Martin dreamed a little dream

That changed our civil rights

Malcolm stood and shook a fist

Thus lengthening our sights.


Harriet used the underground

To set our spirits free

While Jane drank water from the fountain

Shameless for all to see


Booker was a scientist

and educator too

Marcus’ “Back to Africa”

Raised consciousness anew.


Madame Walker encourage pride

Through beauty tips galore

And, Rosa would not leave her seat

Thus making Black folk lore.


Masked – by Dr Harold

Expressionless faces

Scarred by sundry blemishes

Tarnished many times over

By different people, different places.


Disguises created by exigency

protect me from a cruel world

Concealing these weary eyes thus

closing the windows to my psyche.


Like an island, I remain

Isolated from these tangible dimensions

Sheltered in an armor of self-sufficiency

Oblivious to worldly pain.


Revelation will come tomorrow

Facades all forgone

Beholding all my natural beauty

unMASKED for all to know.


Mother Nature’s Handiwork: The Perennial Quilt

With patience and a prideful stitch,

With finest cloth in hand,

She sits to do her timeless task;

To weave a barren land.


With threads of blue and needle’s point,

She sews a seamless sky.

A touch of while silk here and there,

And clouds debut on high.


As spools of green roll to the floor,

And miles of grass abound,

She finds the tone to paint the seas;

and patch some lakes around.


With ne’er a though, she snares more thread,

A brilliant reel of gold,

And with some bits of silver string,

The Sun and Moon unfold.


by Dr. Harold Arnold (1990)