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  • Candis Moore

    Thank you so much for Dr.Arnold for speaking with me briefly i appreciate reading your blog with my 14 year old son (Calvion). Must importantly the conversation you had with my son was life changing for him and me in reference to it being evident that purity can be conquered in this world, when Jesus is your strength.

    PS. I will be mentioning this conversation i had with you in church this coming Sunday.
    Thanks Alot

    • Dr. Harold

      It was such an encouragement to receive your call. It was even more of a joy speaking with your son. He seems like a fine young man. One of the questions he asked me was how did I respond to the peer pressure that I was under in high school and in the community. This is a great question. I wish God’s richest blessings upon you and him as you follow God’s leading for your lives. Stay in touch online.