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Thank you for joining us for this “Second Shift: Growing Your Part-time Passion to Full-time Influence” blog tour! On this page you will find all of the details you need to participate in the tour: writing prompts, sample tweets, beautiful banners and everything you need to make your blog post a success. We’re looking forward to sharing how to stay encouraged and motivated while growing your part-time passion to full-time influence. We can’t wait and are honored that you’re joining us for this exciting ride!

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Book Details

Each person is uniquely created to reflect an aspect of God here on earth through the influence that one wields. Influence, however, is widely misunderstood as a commodity reserved for a precious few. In reality, we all are designed to transform our families and communities with a transcendent message of hope as we commit to listen, love, and lead with authenticity. Second Shift is a step-by-step plan for leveraging your passions as a path to extraordinary possibilities, especially suited for those pursuing them in the part-time margins of life.

About the Author

Ekn4W8wU_400x400 Dr. Harold Arnold is founder of The Pursuit of Influence, a organization which teaches strategies for developing organizations, teams, and families with extraordinary influence.

He earned a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from Temple University and holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, as well as a Master’s in Systems Engineering from University Maryland College Park. He received his undergraduate degree from Howard University’s Business School.

In addition to authoring his own books, Dr. Arnold is a senior marriage and relationship columnist for Called Magazine and has contributed articles to Focus on the Family and many other print and online magazines.

He is most proud of his marriage of more than twenty-six years to his college sweetheart, Dalia, and their wonderful children, Quilan and Kyrsten.

How the Blog Tour Works

The blog tour will take place February 24th through March 31St. We have provided the following writing prompts which are directly aligned with the book’s message of staying encouraged and motivated while growing your part-time passion to full-time influence.

Writing Prompts:

  • PROMPT 1: What resistance have you fought through to pursue your passions? How did that struggle influence who you are today?
  • PROMPT 2: Describe your passion portfolio (the activities that bring your heart joy) and a time you have had to pursue it in the part ­time margins of life.
  • PROMPT 3: How do you encourage people to craft their own authentic voice to influence culture rather than mimicking the voice of others?
  • PROMPT 4: How has failure fueled your success?
  • PROMPT 5: How do you leverage partnerships with others to increase the reach of your message?
  • PROMPT 6: How did you discover what you were born to do?

You can give a review of the book (if you’ve read it), or write about one or more of the above themes. The official book launch is on March 1st, but you can still contribute posts through the end of March. The sooner you link your post, the higher up on the blog tour page your post will be. You do not need any special permission to blog or use any of the graphics on this page (we just ask that you use it for the purpose of the blog tour and/or to talk about Second Shift.

Blog Tour Graphics

Use at least one of these banners on your blog & social media to promote your post and the blog tour.

Click any of the previews below to begin your download.

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Affiliate Links with Amazon

If you have an affiliate account with Amazon, please feel free to use your unique links within your blog post.

Check to see if your blog post has the following before hitting “publish”:

  1. BEGINNING OF POST – Let all of your readers, followers and everyone in your community know that you are part of the ‘Second Shift’Blog Tour. Use this or feel free to edit in your own style*:

This post is part of Second Shift Blog Tour which I am excited to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more and to join us as we tell the world how to maximize their influence, CLICK HERE!

  1. END OF POST – Use this or feel free to edit in your own style*:

Dr. Harold Arnold, Jr. is the founder of The Pursuit of Influence, an organization which teaches strategies for developing organizations, teams, and families with extraordinary influence. He knows what it means to take your part-time passion and grow it into full-time influence. This book has the power to help you do the same. You can grab your copy HERE.

*Feel free to edit these to fit your style/audience, but please be sure to keep the links to the Blog Tour and the Book in beginning and end of your post.

  1. BANNER OR BLOG BUTTON – choose from the banners available here and make sure at least one is included in your post. You can also add the blog tour button to your sidebar.
  2. SCHEDULE A TWEET/FB UPDATE – tell the world you are part of the tour and share your post with your followers.


Social Media




  • Want to understand how to maximize your productivity? (LINK TO YOUR POST) #SecondShiftBook
  • I wrote about (INSERT YOUR TOPIC) for the #SecondShiftBook blog tour (LINK TO YOUR POST)
  • I am excited to join the #SecondShiftBook blog tour (LINK TO YOUR POST)
  • Ready to uncover your life’s purpose even with limited resources? (LINK TO YOUR POST) #SecondShiftBook

Our hashtag for all book related tweeting will be: #SecondShiftBook. Please use this hashtag whenever you promote your post or share content related to the book/blog tour. Feel free to tweet Harold @DrHaroldArnold with your posts and comments throughout the blog tour.


You can use any of banners above to post a link to your post on Facebook. Feel free to create your own updates.

Here are some sample Facebook updates:

  • I am so excited to join Harold Arnold for The Second Shift Book Tour with my blog about (INSERT YOUR TOPIC) this week. We are on a mission to to help you turn your part-time passions into full-time influence. Read all about it here: (LINK TO YOUR POST)
  • Many of us are grinding every day trying to figure out how to make things work to align our purpose with our passion to create profits and influence. That’s why I wrote about (INSERT YOUR TOPIC) as part of Dr. Harold Arnold, Jr.’s #SecondShift Book Tour. If you want to discover more about why it’s important to overcome the mental hurdles to success, check out my post: (LINK TO YOUR POST)}

Join our #SecondShift Event page on Facebook to share the link to your blog post, and get information about the Live Second Shift Telesummit. Click here to join the event page *coming soon*.

How to Submit a Post:

Follow this link to upload your blog post to our Blog Tour Page once your post is live on your blog.

We will promote the Blog Tour page via social media, telesummit and newsletter, and hope to send new readers to your blog every week to help share the message that you can indeed grow your part-time passions into full-time influence, and create the life you truly desire to live.


Write to (with the subject title: Second Shift Blog Tour) and our Blog Tour Guide, Christine St.Vil will point you in the right direction.

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