LYH004: 5 Steps to Developing a Family Mission [Podcast]


Show Agenda

  • Resource Corner: Way of Life App
  • Spotlight: Carlos & Katherine Greene, The Goal Planner, LLC (Atlanta, GA)
  • Featured Presentation: 5-step Guide to developing your Family Mission Statement
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Resource Corner: Weekly segment aimed to introduce you to a helpful family resource

App:  Way of Life App – The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker

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Spotlight: Features an organization that is doing excellent things to impact families

Spotlight: Carlos & Katherine Greene, The Goal Planner

Key Thoughts:

Products: The Goal Planner Workbook
Family Priority Movement: 2014 Families

Success Secret: “Leaders need to be “naked and not ashamed. We’ve gone through troubles for a reason”

Top Priority for Family Leaders over the next 3 years: ‘If we just listen, people will tell you their stories”
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Featured Presentation: 

This weeks episode: 5 Steps to Developing a Family Mission”

Episode Highlights

Click here to read the full blog post with details on each Step.

Mission statement – a formal summary of the aims and values of a family
Step 1: Seek Family Buy-in (Explain to the family what you are doing and why)

GOALGain full family participation in the process

Step 2: Ask each person to individually write an answer to two questions. 

  • GOALHelp each person to project beyond their day to day transactions into what they want to see as their core identity

Step 3: Brainstorm the giftedness of each family member

  • GOALAffirm the value and special contribution of each person

Step 4: Self-appraisal of each family member

  • GOAL: Synthesize the family and personal perspectives 

Step 5: Develop family strengths and mission statement

  • GOAL: Devise a family mission that captures the uniqueness of each family member

Here is what we came up with for the Arnold family mission:
Modeling excellence as a discipline for experiencing God in creative ways

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