LYH15: How to Breathe Life Into Your Marriage [Podcast]


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Featured Presentation: How to Breath Life Into Your Marriage

Featured Presentation

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Miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead can be found in the book of John 11:43

Marital growth only happens in the context of safety. But, safety must be cultivated on three dimensions: Spiritual safety, Emotional safety, and Physical safety.

Spiritual Safety
Here are three tips to reinforce the foundation of spiritual safety in your marriage:

  • Repent for your own shortcomings
  • Be more graceful with your spouse
  • Schedule a regular prayer time together

Emotional Safety
Here are three tips to enriching the emotional safety in your marriage:

  • Plan a regular time where your marital growth is the focus
  • Check the balance of power in your marriage
  • Prioritize each other’s sexual needs

Physical safety
Here are three tips to enriching the physical safety in your marriage:

  • Rethink agreement
  • Face the conflict
  • Do no harm

So, what steps do you take to breathe the next level into your marriage? What makes it challenging?

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