LYH17: Are You on the Wrong Side of Being Right? [Podcast]


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  • Featured Presentation: Are You On The Wrong Side of Being Right?

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During one of our workshops when teaching about developing better communication skills , a young man once asked, “If I absolutely know I’m right, then why should I let my wife win an argument?” Though asked in a challenging tone, it is a great question to understand the fundamental nature of all our communication. In retrospect,  I wish I had better understood the answer during my argumentative younger years. What I simply did not know then is that there is a wrong side of  being right.

Vince Lombardi is famously quoted as saying “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing”. That may be good advice on the football field. But, it will reek havoc in your relationships.

In the context of marriage, a cousin of mine once captured it best in noting, “sometimes being right doesn’t matter”. He’s right. Whether it is marriage, parenting, work, or church relationships, sometimes being right doesn’t matter.  In fact, it can cost you a great deal if not carefully navigated.

So, why then can being right be so costly? It boils down to the collateral damage that it inflicts to your relationships and consequentially your goals.

Here are the three steps to keep your right in check:

  • Step #1: Distinguish between right and opinion 
  • Step #2: Focus on the big picture
  • Step #3: Examine your motives

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As you embrace these three steps, I’m confident that you can better discern those times to assert being right versus those times to concede to another’s point of view. It takes lots of practice. At least it has for me.

But, next time you are in a disagreement you can stick to your opinion. But, try just letting go of trying to prove you’re right and see what happens.

Let me know what you discover in the comments below.

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