LYH21: My Vegetarian Breakthrough: 12 Months, 12 Lessons, 1 Answer [Podcast]


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  • Vacation Week in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Featured Presentation: My Vegetarian Breakthrough  – Part I

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For years, I felt dissatisfied with the trajectory of pursuing what I was built to do. But, now I felt I was at a psychological and emotional impasse. The time for change was now. But, only if God would show me the way. I felt called to a what is called a “fast”—a biblical tradition of consecrating oneself by sacrificing elements of one’s regular diet. For me, the message felt clear. Give up what you like most—meat. All of it. Yes, even fish/seafood. So, on August 19, 2013 it began with a simple prayer to God, “Please show me my breakthrough“.

Over these twelve months as a vegetarian, I learned twelve seminal lessons about my vision, my voice, and my value.

I believe, in fact, that these twelve lessons are, in many ways, critical for anyone wanting to live a life of influence.  Is that you?
These are the first six lessons. These lessons focus on my personal development necessary for my breakthrough while the final six lessons hone in on my platform.

Discovering Your Breakthrough Influence: The First Six Lessons

  • Lesson #1: Live Uncomfortable
  • Lesson #2: Abandon Illusions of Control
  • Lesson #3: Accept Imperfection
  • Lesson #4: Raise Your Average
  • Lesson #5: Clarify Your Voice
  • Lesson #6: Keep the Sabbath

So, there you have the first six lessons. Next week, I will share with you the final six lessons that I experienced during my vegetarian breakthrough. In addition to these lessons, I gleaned some complementary spiritual insights that I will also share with you. Of course, I’ll also share the one answer that ties all of these lessons together.

I would love to hear your thoughts about these first six steps. Which one best resonates with you? What is it that you need your breakthrough from?

How can I pray for your breakthrough?

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One thought on “LYH21: My Vegetarian Breakthrough: 12 Months, 12 Lessons, 1 Answer [Podcast]

  1. Hi Harold,
    I’m grateful for the chance to hear about your journey and I am amazed that you are able to distill a year’s journey into 12 succinct sentences. That is no easy task! I am thankful for the opportunity to benefit from your life lessons and they were, in fact, helpful stepping stones for my own breakthrough — which came after reflecting on the 1st six lessons. My desire was to launch into writing. We talked about it, you challenged me, and I rose to the challenge. I wrote several drafts and discarded them. Along the way, I revisited your life lessons and realized, “Wow…I am wrestling with these factors on the way to my breakthrouugh!” So…your lessons were indeed, good stepping stones. I achieved my goal — completing an online blog article. I got it finished on my birthday– so it was a wonderful gift to give myself! Breakthroughs are sweet moments! Looking forward to the next post. Thank you for being a friend that “raises my average!”

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