LYH23: Elevate Your Life with a Smarter Yes [Podcast]

how to say yes

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Featured Presentation: Elevating Your Life With a Smarter Yes

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When presented with a decision, we often fall into the trap of thinking that our only option is to say “Yes” or “No”.

Saying “no” often feels like we are closing a door of opportunity or making us feel like we aren’t a team player.

Saying “yes” often burdens us with additional responsibilities for which we don’t have an answer.

For many situations, the better choice is to give a “smarter yes”.

What is a “smarter yes”?

A “smart yes” is an engaging and helpful response to one’s core problem or question.  Rather than the dismissiveness often implied with a “No” or the obligation connoted by a “Yes” response, a “smart yes” does four things:

  • Prioritizes engagement (says that this relationship matters to me)
  • Seeks understanding (listens for the core problem or need)
  • Takes ownership (seeks to be solution-oriented)
  • Offers options (leverages resources to give viable direction)

Click HERE to see some practical examples of using a “smarter yes” at work and at home.

When presented with a question or concern, (rather than simply saying “yes” or “no”) here are three tips on how to take your life to the next level with a “smarter yes”

  • Listen carefully to discern the fundamental problem that is behind the question (what does this person need?) – remember that the need may be psychological and/or physical
  • Look for effective solutions that empower the person
  • List 2-3 options, if at all possible (while identifying which one you recommend and why)

Leave a comment and give me some examples of how you have successfully used the “smarter yes” in your own journey. What makes it difficult?

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