LYH29: 10 Practices for a Dad to Maximally Influence His Daughter [Podcast]


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  • My Week in Review
  • Featured Presentation: 10 Practices for a Dad to Maximally Influence His Daughter
  • Resource: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker (affiliate link)

Featured Presentation

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Ten Practices for Father’s to Maximize His Influence on His Daughter 

  • Practice #1: Spend quality time with her
  • Practice #2: Hug her often
  • Practice #3: Tell her how beautiful she is
  • Practice #4: Listen to her talk
  • Practice #5: Encourage her gifts rather than role stereotypes
  • Practice #6: Teach her how to love well
  • Practice #7: Protect her from abusive interactions
  • Practice #8: Validate her options as a homemaker and/or career woman
  • Practice #9: Treat her mother well
  • Practice #10: Show her faith

So there you have my ten best practices for a father to maximally influence his daughter’s life.

We have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to guide our daughter’s lives from the earliest days of their lives. It is a duty that cannot be outsourced. Only you can be her father. Only you.

I’d love to hear what other practices you would add to this list and hear your comments about my ten. So, definitely leave a comment and let me know.

Now, go be a great dad. Leave me a comment and let me know how you or your husband connect with your daughter.

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