LYH32: 5 Biblical Lessons to Keep Your Marriage Fresh [PODCAST]


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  • Featured Presentation: Five Biblical Lessons to Keep Your Marriage Fresh
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  • Lesson Principle: You can’t live today’s marriage on yesterday’s manna.

Featured Presentation

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One study of 3000 couples identifies five top problems reported by these frustrated couples:

  • Lack of spontaneity
  • Lack of romance
  • Terrible sex life
  • No time to give each other attention
  • Lack of time to talk

This disappointing state of marriage reminds me of the biblical account of the Hebrew people during their wilderness experience after escaping the slavery of Egypt.

In examining the Exodus account, I believe there are five lessons there instructing us on how to keep our marriage fresh and perpetually extend its expiration date.

5 lessons to keep your marriage fresh

  • Lesson #1: Know that God will give supernatural provision for the journey 
  • Lesson #2: Follow God’s instructions
  • Lesson #3: Remember from what God brought you
  • Lesson #4: Gather what you need for each day
  • Lesson #5: Keep it fresh

My prayer is that these five lessons will give fresh insight that will elevate your marriage to another level.

Leave me a comment and let me know what other parallels you see between this account of the Hebrew people and our own marriage today.

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