LYH35: Four Steps to a Grateful Thanksgiving [PODCAST]


Show Agenda

  • Featured Presentation: Four Ways to a Grateful Thanksgiving
  • Branding Expert: Dick Bruso, Heard Above the Noise
  • Lesson Principle: “Your Gratitude Determines Your Altitude”

Featured Presentation

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No matter your condition, thankfulness is a choice.

I would like you to consider four steps to choose thankfulness this Thanksgiving.

Step 1: As specifically as you can write down the ten things that you are most grateful for this year. 

Here’s my top-10 to guide your own list generation.

The Top 10 Things for Which I’m Most Grateful in 2014

  1. My wife’s personal commitment to being more grateful and its impact on our home
  2. My sister’s (Letitia) pregnancy and impending delivery–due date December 2nd. This is the first child (Kennedy) that one of my sister’s will have.
  3. Successfully completed a 12-month vegetarian fast (with my spouse) in which I consecrated myself to the pursuit of my purpose
  4. My children’s (Quilan and Kyrsten’s) academic success in grad school and high school respectively
  5. Launching a new website with 35 consecutive weeks of new blog posts and podcasts
  6. Spending two days with a branding expert (Dick Bruso) to develop the PERFECT brand for me (stay tuned for more information about that)
  7. Spending seven days in Trinidad with one of my best friends (Paula) and her husband (Philip Thompson)
  8. Spending two days in Atlanta with a couple (Pastors Wesley and Rose Marie Greene) who I think of as spiritual mentors
  9. Launching a MasterMind group with an amazing group of achievers
  10. Finishing my first 10-mile Broad Street run in Philadelphia (along with 35,000 others)

Step 2: Identify the Thankfulness Themes  that are evident from your Top 10 list.

Step 3: Express your thankfulness to the people that you mentioned on your list

Step 4: Thank God from whom all blessings flow

Leave a comment and let me know for what you are thankful. Can’t wait to hear it.

I wish you the happiest of Thanksgiving holidays.

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