LYH43: The Day “I” Died: 5 Affirmations to Live God’s Will [PODCAST]


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Don’t doubt in the dark what God gives you in the light.” – anonymous

Pastor Rick Warren starts his NY Times bestselling book, “The Purpose-driven life” (affiliate link) with what for me has become one of the most influential sentences ever written. It goes like this “It’s not about you.”  This timeless book challenges me to re-orient the starting point of my dreams from my own happiness to God’s pleasure. For me, that has changed everything—a turning point. That was the day “I” died.

My “I” (and yours) has to die because it stands between you and God’s will for you. Here are a few examples:

  • “I” focuses on himself as the starting point.
  • “I” sets self-serving goals—intended to stroke his ego.
  • ”I” defines his own parameters for success—based on his own aspirations.
  • “I” misses or rather ignores Pastor Rick Warren’s assertion that it isn’t about him because it threatens his very existence.
  • The frustration, desperation, anxiety in my life (and you in yours) are the work of “I”.

But, here are the five daily affirmations to bury your “I”.

Five Affirmations to Live God’s Will

  • Affirmation #1: “God, I trust you to direct my path. Today, I will believe in what I do not yet see.”
  • Affirmation #2: “My gifts do not belong to me. My creator entrusts them to my care. Today, I will sow the best of my gifts and be content with the fruit that appear.”
  • Affirmation #3: “Within me is a wellspring of hope that flows from a divine source. Today, I will drink from that fountain and lovingly share it with my neighbor.”
  • Affirmation #4: “I rely on God, not myself or others, to be my daily bread.”
  • Affirmation #5: “It’s not about me. It’s about the God in me.”

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