LYH46: Slaying the DRAGONS of Your Dreams Part I [PODCAST]


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Within you is a higher calling or a transcendent purpose. God created that yearning within you.

So, why is it that so many people (most in fact) never reach that lofty perch?

The reason is that there is an adversary to your destiny. There are many names for this “adversary”. Christian tradition calls him “Satan” or “the Devil”. Steven Pressfield in his bestselling book, the War of Art calls it “the Resistance”. I have coined another term to capture this insidious foe. I call it “the DRAGONS”.

Seven Lies to Destroy Your Dreams

DRAGONS is a seven-letter acrostic that captures represents the tools that the enemy of your dreams using to dissuade you from believing in who you were designed to be. Though individual, each one interweaves the other to destabilize your faith in who you are called to become.

  1. [D] DOUBT –  DOUBT’s lie sounds something like this “There is no way you can achieve your dream. That’s a fantasy. You don’t have what it takes.”
  1. [R] REGRET – REGRET’s lie sounds like this “You can never recover from that mistake.”
  1. [A] APATHY – APATHY’s lie sounds like this “So what if you don’t go for it? What difference does it really make?
  1. [G] GUILT  – GUIILT’s lie sounds like this “You are a hypocrite. If others knew what you did/think they would never listen to you. You better stay in the closet.”
  1. [O] OBSTINANCE – OBSTINANCE’s lie sounds like this “Nobody can tell you what to do or think. They don’t know what you know.”
  1. [N] NARCISSISM – NARCISSISM’s lie sounds like this “You shouldn’t do anything that doesn’t make you happy.
  1. [S] SCARCITY – SCARCITY’s lie sounds like this “Who are you kidding? You don’t have time to live your dream. That’s just a pipe dream. They just want what they can get out of you anyway.”

There you have the seven DRAGONS. They are legion. You can see the progressive nature of their entrapment. They start their attack on you with a little seed of DOUBT. But, in the end you’re left with a profound sense of emptiness. The DRAGONS will destroy you if you are not sober and alert. Now that you know what their lies sound like, you can recognize their assault for what it is.

I would love to hear your comments about the DRAGONS. Which one(s) resonate most with you? Why do you think they are effective? When you are at your best, how do you keep the DRAGONS out of your head?

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