LYH47: 7 Affirmations to Slay your DRAGONS (Part 2) [PODCAST]


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Welcome to Part II of Slaying the DRAGONS of Your Dreams.  The DRAGONS’ intention is to throw you off of your path of influence.
In Part I, we outlined the DRAGONS’ nature and the seven lies they tell.  But, here we highlight the KINGDOM as an acrostic that gives a God-centered response to the DRAGONS and the seven truthful affirmation to help you withstand the DRAGONS’ onslaught and ignite your dreams.
Seven Truths to Ignite Your Dreams
  • Truth #1: KNOWLEDGE’s truthful affirmation sounds something like this “You were created in the image of God to do great works. The power that is within you is far greater than the powers against. You already have within you the victory you seek.”
  • Truth #2: INSIGHT’s truthful affirmation sounds like this “I am not defined by that hurt. But, I take power over it to empathize and help someone who is struggling.”
  • Truth #3: NOVELTY’s truthful affirmation against APATHY is “God is doing a new thing in you. He’s renewing your mind. Yes, new levels bring new devils. But, your latter years will be greater than your former ones. So, be strong and courageous.”
  • Truth #4: GRACE’s truthful affirmation sounds like these words from famed holocaust survivor, Corrie Ten Boom, notes ”God takes our sins—past, present, and future, and dumps them in the sea and puts up a sign that say ‘no fishing allowed.“
  • Truth #5: DEFERENCE’s truthful affirmation sounds like this famous quote from inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar “You can get everything you want in life if you help enough others get what they want.”
  • Truth #6: The truthful affirmation of being OTHER-centered sounds like this “You are the answer to a prayer that someone is crying to God right now. As you decrease, God’s ability to use you to touch them increases.”
  • Truth #7: The truthful affirmation of MUCH sounds like this “Everything that you need, God will supply. Everything.”
My prayer is that these seven truthful affirmations arm you with the weapons to slay the DRAGONS and ignite your dreams.
How do you see these truths playing out in your own pursuit of influence? I would love to hear about the easy and challenging parts of your battle.
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