LYH90: The 7 Rings of Marriage with Jackie Bledsoe

7 rings of marriage

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  • Featured Presentation: The 7 Rings of Marriage with Special Guest, Jackie Bledsoe

Faith in Focus: “Love & Respect”

“However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” (Ephesians 5:33)

Featured Presentation: The 7 Rings of Marriage

Special Guest: Jackie Bledsoe

In this episode I discuss the following important topics and much more with my special guest:

  • Why do spouses feel alone?
  • How can the good and the bad stuff of marriage moves your marriage higher?
  • Why is transparency is the key to marital growth
  • Why couples must think about marriage from a developmental perspective
  • How can strong couples mentor other marriages? and, much much more…

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LYH63: How to Develop a Listen Habit at Home [PODCAST]

Listen Habit

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The Listening Habit
  • H – Honor Purpose: Helping each person in the home develop into the person s/he is destined to be requires a sensitivity to the gifts of each person.
  • A – Affirm Strengths: Families that successfully develop leaders within their ranks focus on affirming strengths. Pay attention to what each person does well. Then, cultivate that to a level of expertise. In other words, help their good get better.
  • B – Believe Bigger: Encouragement is fertilizer for the human soul. It is pushing one another to next level of performance through affirmation not guilt or other punitive measures.
  • I – Invest Emotionally: Listening is an act of empathy—an emotion. Emotional investment knits hearts around a shared goal—reaching one’s true potential.
  • T – Talk Last: Talking is overrated. When you are talking, you are less able to fully consider what is going on around you. Talking gets in the way. If you talk last, people will increasingly value what you say.
So, there you have the five tactical steps to develop the listen habit in your home. Leave me a comment to share your thoughts.
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The Listen Habit

When you think of the greatest leadership development organizations in the country of what do you think? You might be tempted to name a company like Google that has re-defined what it means to search the Internet and is known for their out of the box thinking. Maybe a company like Apple will come to mind as you marvel at the steady stream of blockbuster devices they have engineered. Still others might think of the U.S military with its world-class training to prepare our troops for optimal performance. All of these, of course, are excellent organizations with proven leadership programs. However, none of them compare to the greatest place for leadership development in the world—your home. Family is supposed to be the training ground that equips you with the relational skills, character, and affirmation that you need for success in life. Developing this culture in your home demands one skill above all else. This is the ability to create a listening atmosphere in your home.

Marital Intimacy 2.0: Finding God Between the Sheets

Over the past several years, I have spoken and taught thousands of couples about the importance of growing their marriage into the purpose for which it was designed. I have challenged them to embrace their differences as integral to their destiny. I have encouraged couples to resist the marital drift that will rob them of their vitality as a couple. And, I have done my best to push couples to believe that godly obedience would yield benefits in all facets of their marriage—including their intimacy. But, this past weekend I got a new revelation on marital intimacy. I call it Marital Intimacy 2.0. And, I think it may change everything inside and outside my bedroom.

Marital Intimacy 2.0


So, let me first make it clear that I have a great marriage. And, I tremendously enjoy my intimate times with my wife. She has been a amazing partner over our nearly twenty-seven years of marriage. We make ourselves available for each other. We seek to please each other’s intimacy needs—though honestly I feel she sometimes does that better than I do. But, that’s another story. The key point here is that I feel very blessed with what happens in our bedroom.

LYH45: 7 Signs to Know that You’re Married on Purpose

Married on Purpose

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  • Featured Presentation: 7 Signs to Know that You’re Married on Purpose

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Are you married on purpose?

It isn’t just about raising children well, accumulating material things, or even feeling happy. These are all aspects of being married. But, they aren’t the ultimate WHY God brought you and your spouse together.

In my work with couples and in my own marriage of more than twenty-six years, I have discovered seven signs that suggest your marriage is purposeful.


Seven Signs of a Purposeful Marriage

  1. Sign #1: Being married on purpose is an act of grace
  2. Sign #2: Being married on purpose is to tolerate the rationale and serve the relational
  3. Sign #3: Being married on purpose is to cultivate what God planted in your spouse
  4. Sign #4: Being married on purpose is to look inwardly and respond outwardly
  5. Sign #5: Being married on purpose is to unite your passions as a kingdom offering
  6. Sign #6: Being married on purpose is to accept that material things will never give your marriage meaning
  7. Sign # 7: Being married on purpose is to prioritize intimacy as an act of worship

I wish you God’s blessings as you embark upon demonstrating these signs in your own marriage. Leave me a comment and let me know which one resonates most for you personally.

What is easy and hard in being married on purpose?

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