How to Raise Your Children to be Leaders (Part 1)

Are you raising your children to be leaders? For years, my literal prayer has been that God bless my children to be leaders in their generation. At first, my wife pushed back saying “who says that they want to be leaders?” I understood her question and her point. She did not want me to project my own aspirations onto our children. She wants them to become who God intends for them to be not necessarily who I want them to be. And, she didn’t want them to feel pressured to pursue leadership. But, my wife was missing a premise that many other parents miss as well. To truly understand leadership is to grasp that within every child is a natural born leader. A primary parenting job is to pull your children’s leader nature forward. That is what it means for us as parents to be leaders of our respective homes. In this first of a three-part series, I will address this important topic with a particular faith-based lens to show you your role in bringing the leader forth in your children.

How to raise your child to be a leader