LYH39: 3 Questions to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift [PODCAST]

3 Questions to Find The Perfect Christmas Gift

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Merry Christmas.<

Celebrating the birth of Christ always begins at the same place. Giving gifts.

Indeed, there is plenty of gift giving happening. But, here is the problem.

Very little of this gift giving is honoring the birth of Christ.

Christ was born into this world as a gift to transform our relationships (upwards) with God the Father, the people around us (sideways), and our own internal sense of self (downward).

We must ask ourselves three questions in our gift giving.

  • How does my gift help this person help this person take a step closer to God?
  • How does my gift encourage this person to see the value their life adds to others, include me?
  • How does this gift reflect who I am or what I desire to be in this person’s life?

How does this make the perfect gift? Well, it is because it is modeled after the perfect gift giver. Jesus.

Your gifts are also perfect when they reflect the gift that Christ has placed within you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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