Is Your Church Losing Your Family?

How can you raise your children to be among the 40% that have a sustainable Christian faith? Yes, only 40%. How does your marriage thrive among a cacophony of stressors that leave more than 50% of them broken?  The answer to each of these questions for many of us is rooted in one common denominator—the church. But, for many of us the church has lost our family. I can relate.

The statistics are staggering.

Recent research suggests that 60% of Christian children raised in the  church will stray from active faith engagement during early adulthood. Few things are more devastating to a devoted parent than watching their child struggle to translate the faith of their youth to the significant decisions of adulthood. Yet, this is what is happening to epidemic proportions.

For decades, we have seen marriages of churchgoers  fail at the same rate as non-churchgoers. Only about half of them will survive.

Singles—whether parenting, dating, or just trying to find like-minded community—feel isolated in their faith journey—even while many of them sit among thousands in the church pews.

Does it sometimes feel like there is a disconnect between your faith and your personal and family health?