The Listen Habit

When you think of the greatest leadership development organizations in the country of what do you think? You might be tempted to name a company like Google that has re-defined what it means to search the Internet and is known for their out of the box thinking. Maybe a company like Apple will come to mind as you marvel at the steady stream of blockbuster devices they have engineered. Still others might think of the U.S military with its world-class training to prepare our troops for optimal performance. All of these, of course, are excellent organizations with proven leadership programs. However, none of them compare to the greatest place for leadership development in the world—your home. Family is supposed to be the training ground that equips you with the relational skills, character, and affirmation that you need for success in life. Developing this culture in your home demands one skill above all else. This is the ability to create a listening atmosphere in your home.