LYH42: 3 Keys to Wealth in the New Economy [PODCAST]

Wealth in the New Economy

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In the 21st century, wealth is no longer measured in money—not really. Rather, wealth today is measured by Influence. It is the currency of our age.  Your influence depends on the vitality of your message, the force of your personality, and the boldness of your imagination. But, the incalculable wealth of extraordinary influence is reserved for those with three additional masteries—the ability to listen, to love, and to lead.

With simple planning, your book can be made available to most of the world through Amazon’s CreateSpace. Your film can be viewed by tens of thousands on YouTube. Your music can be heard by globally on SoundCloud.< You are the only gatekeeper that matters. Do you have what it takes? 3 Keys to Creating Wealth in the Influence Economy

  • Key #1: Listen: Follow the Sound of Passion
  • Key #2: Love: Care for Your Community
  • Key #3: Lead: A.I.M. 
    • Amplify the Strengths of Others
    • Innovate Your Success
    • Monetize Your Message

Check out the blog post HERE to see the action steps you can take for each lesson.

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