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Marital Intimacy 2.0

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Marital Intimacy Ground Zero

Most chronic intimacy-related challenges fall into one or more of five categories:

  • Biological issues that make it difficult to perform optimally
  • Libido differences
  • Inattentiveness to spousal intimacy needs/satisfaction
  • Spousal neglect
  • Infidelity-induced emotional distance

Marital Intimacy 1.0

  • Contentment with the status quo rather than expectation that better marital intimacy is possible
  • Difficulty talking about sexual satisfaction and desires
  • “Faking it”
  • Visualization of others during intercourse with your spouse
  • Reliance on pornography and erotica to achieve sexual satisfaction
  • Emotionless sex (dubbed “sextimacy”)

Marital Intimacy 2.0

Three Steps to Marital Intimacy 2.0:

  1. Incorporate worship time as a couple as part of your “foreplay”
  2. Pray during the sexual encounter
  3. Express Thankfulness
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Marital Intimacy 2.0: Finding God Between the Sheets

Over the past several years, I have spoken and taught thousands of couples about the importance of growing their marriage into the purpose for which it was designed. I have challenged them to embrace their differences as integral to their destiny. I have encouraged couples to resist the marital drift that will rob them of their vitality as a couple. And, I have done my best to push couples to believe that godly obedience would yield benefits in all facets of their marriage—including their intimacy. But, this past weekend I got a new revelation on marital intimacy. I call it Marital Intimacy 2.0. And, I think it may change everything inside and outside my bedroom.

Marital Intimacy 2.0


So, let me first make it clear that I have a great marriage. And, I tremendously enjoy my intimate times with my wife. She has been a amazing partner over our nearly twenty-seven years of marriage. We make ourselves available for each other. We seek to please each other’s intimacy needs—though honestly I feel she sometimes does that better than I do. But, that’s another story. The key point here is that I feel very blessed with what happens in our bedroom.