LYH49: Three Questions to Climb Your Dream Ladder [PODCAST]


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Your life matters. You probably already know that. At some level, most people do understand that. But, here is the problem. Most people do not understand how much their life matters. The reason that most of us do not realize the full extent to which our life matters is because we can’t see much beyond our nose. You were born to be a ladder that connects yourself and others to something transcendent. Until you do, your ladder will never be fully extended.


Ladders are great metaphors for life’s journey.  Just as the rungs of the ladder will take us either up or down, so is the lesson of life. Which direction are your steps taking you? You then must continually ask yourself three questions.

  • Question #1: “What is at the top of your ladder?”
  • Question #2: “On what rung are you standing?”
  • Question #3: How do I take the next step?

Your children’s climb is dependent on yours. Your spouse’s climb is intricately linked with your own. Your life is the scaffold for your family and so many others that you don’t yet know. Some of them you will never know. That’s okay. All you have to do is keep answering those three questions and then climb like your life depends on it because it does—as do the lives of all those you hold dear.

Leave me a comment and let me what you have struggled with in your own climb? How can I encourage you for that next step.


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