3 Keys to Unlock Your Wealth in the New Economy

In the 21st century, wealth is no longer measured in money—not really. Rather, wealth today is measured by Influence. It is the currency of our age. Arguably, that has been the case in every century. But, now things are different. Today, extraordinary influence is no longer reserved for a privileged few—no longer the exclusive domain of the rich or well-connected. Thank God. Their monopolistic reign is over. Now, it’s your time.

influence economy

Influence is no longer dictated by media moguls, political pundits, and exclusive societies. Today, influence is available to everyone who wants to positively impact lives at home, work, church, and across the global community. Your influence depends on the vitality of your message, the force of your personality, and the boldness of your imagination. But, the incalculable wealth of extraordinary influence is reserved for those with three additional masteries—the ability to listen, to love, and to lead.

Influence is Wealth

Financially wealthy individuals are different than those of us with more modest means. They think differently. The wealthiest individuals pedal influence not money. They understand that it isn’t the money that creates the power. It is the power and influence that create the money.

Those among the upper financial echelon know that true power lies in the breadth of one’s influence. For them, money is simply a byproduct of such influence. This is an important distinction because it determines one’s starting point. The wealthy focus on solidifying their base of influence—often taking on substantial “risks” to do so. The rest of us attempt to first establish a solid financial footing—only to be frustrated by the way expenses always seem to outpace the revenue.

Because influence is their starting point, the wealthiest individuals don’t think about risk like the rest of us. Rather than thinking of money as a finite resource to be conserved, the wealthiest individuals believe there is an almost inexhaustible supply. Money can be created—not with a printing press but with access to influential people, places, and things.

This quid pro quo exchange among the traditional influencers left the rest of us outside of the gate looking in—wishing, waiting, and wondering when, if ever, our time would come. When would the gatekeepers give us a shot?