The Final Summit – A Book Review

What is the key to success in our lives? We typically attribute “success” to financial wealth, physical health, or maybe a strong family system. It is true that these are all signs of success. But, do they adequately capture the essence of success?

In his book, The Final Summit, author Andy Andrews uses a fictitious account of our protagonist, David Ponder, to weave a story about the pillars for sustained success.

Our main character has built, lost, and rebuilt an empire based on character and financial acumen using seven principles that he was taught through a time-traveling experience with great leaders of the past. These principles are lessons for us all (my personal favorite is to make a decision to be happy).

But, the plot thickens. Based on the main characters ability to apply these seven principles he has been summoned to a celestial summit where the fate of humanity is in the balance. Great leaders in history have been called to answer a single question to change the downward slide of mankind.

I don’t want to give the spoiler. But, let’s just say that it involves an action that ultimately is the charge for all of us.

I spend most of my discretionary time thinking, speaking, and writing about issues of marriage, family, and leadership. This is the vineyard in which God has placed me. My responsibility is to be obedient to this sage charge.

Your specific vineyard may differ from mine. But, the charge is the same for you. We are all called to be the best stewards of what God has put in our hands. And, stewardship always involves action.

While I did not find this book, The Final Summit, to be an extremely innovative resource or to reveal deep mysteries, I do think it is an effective reminder. It reminds us that we must conquer our fears and inhibitions. It reminds us that we must be wise, courageous, and self-determined. And, in the end it reminds us that we represent Christ as others see what we DO.