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Tweet: Join ME @DrHaroldArnold’s Second Shift Teleseminar #SecondShiftBook. A must listen for busy dreamers.

Tweet: @DrHaroldArnold’s Second Shift TeleSeminar #SecondShiftBook is a can’t miss event. Register at

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Tweet: Check out my friend @DrHaroldArnold’s excellent NEW book #SecondShiftBook. A must read for busy dreamers.

Tweet: Your imagination forms the perimeter of your purpose. But, your fears are its drain. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: Extraordinary influence is no longer reserved for a privileged few—the rich or well connected. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: The Second Shift is a lifestyle—a way of being in relation to one’s passion. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: The depth of your passion fuels the breadth of your influence.
@DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: Time is such a precious commodity that you must guard it with vigor but give with favor. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: Your purpose will find you if you are available and listening. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: Untapped potential leaves you feeling unfulfilled and confused; and at worst, disillusioned and betrayed. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: An attitude of influence flows from within you into a reservoir that is bigger than you. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: When operating in your purpose, your mission is about honoring the Creator and serving people. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook

Tweet: A Kingdom perspective recognizes the ultimate truth: It is God’s battle to fight, not yours. @DrHaroldArnold #secondshiftbook