Get the Unfair Advantage:unfairadvantage_image
A book about the grace inspired path to winning at marriage!

Do you want a marriage that can never fail?
You may be surprised to learn that the Bible offers a guarantee that your marriage will never fail if as a couple you commit to use the unfair advantage Christ has given you.

Here are some of the benefits your marriage will experience after reading this book:

  • Awareness of the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that threaten your marriage
  • Practical tools to stay emotionally connected when life threatens to tear your marriage apart
  • Encouragement to enrich your faith walk as a team of two and a refreshing romance of friends
  • Gratitude for your strengths and differences as a couple and strategies to become people worthy of your dream marriage
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Your marriage deserves a chance to become all that God intended it to be

Isn’t it time you were able to say your marriage rocks? Marriage ROCKS promises to challenge any tendencies in your marriage to maintain the status quo. Whether your relationship with your partner reaches the bliss of the mountaintop or the despair of the valley, Marriage ROCKS offers a challenge to discover the untapped potential of your relationship.

Here are some of the benefits you will experience after reading this book:marriage_rocks_book

  • Understand how to become a redemptive spouse
  • Learn how to make sacrifices that your spouse will value
  • Gauge how to draw effective boundaries to protect your marriage and your personal self
  • Learn how to make your home and marriage sacred ground for growth
  • Develop a long-term commitment to marriage that impacts generations to come

“This resource is a real gem for couples and leaders who care about strengthening and deepening marriage vows. Grounded in biblical truths and psychological sensitivity, this book offers a treasure trove of ways to build on God as the Rock, the faithful One who provides shelter and hope in
the storms and serenities of marital life.”

~ Judith Balswick, EdD
Senior Professor of MFT, Department of Marriage and
Family, Fuller Theological Seminary

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It’s Time for the Second Shift:
ss_3d_frontcoverHow to grow your part-time passion to full-time influence!

Second Shift is a step-by-step plan for leveraging your passions as a path to extraordinary possibilities, especially suited for those pursuing them in the part-time margins of life.

Here are some of the benefits you will experience after reading this book:

  • Encourage you to believe that you can accomplish your life’s ultimate purpose even within constrained time and resource parameters
  • Raise awareness of the mental barriers that diminish your reach and how to combat them
  • Understand the type of creativity you possess and why that matters
  • Develop listening skills that give direction to your passions and allow you to be heard in a noisy culture
  • Understand how to build loyalty and trust with your tribe
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The Leading You Home Podcast
Download and subscribe to this transformational podcast on building strong families and faith.

This is the podcast dedicated to helping families (families, marriages, parents, and other relationships) build transformational relationships in their homes and provide leaders with the resources to guide them in this process. Regardless of where your home life is right now, this podcast is created to light a path for the family by understanding that every person in the home has the responsibility to be a leader in all of the spheres in which they are placed. Ultimately, this podcast desires to lead adults, youth, and children towards the one place that matters most–home.

What an inspiration! 5stars
by DAA789

Wow! Congratulations on 70 podcast episodes! Persistence must be your middle name. Your words and insights are inspiring, soothing, funny, thought-provoking and real. Your work and your life is a true inspiration to me. Keep up the fantastic work!
– Doreen Amatelli-Clark

Dr, Harold has a huge heart 5stars
by Kary Oberbrunner

Dr. Harold is a man with a mission. He’s committed to help you grow personally and professionally. His podcast is a reflection of his belief in you. Listen and be blessed.

Encouraged and equipped! 5stars
by Derevaune

Harold’s podcast is quickly becoming an iTunes favorite for my husband and I. Not only do I walk away encouraged, but equipped to serve, and lead better in all areas of my life.

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Help aspiring authors and speakers perceive,  personalize, and promote the message God desires to share to the world through him or her.
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Monthly fellowship to encourage aspiring authors, speakers, and ministers to cultivate their passions and expand their platforms 3rd Thursday each month from 7-9 pm on NCC Campus, 7500 Germantown Avenue, Grannum Hall A-1, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

Here are some of the benefits your marriage will experience after reading this book:

  • How to identify his/her passion and purpose
  • How to tap into his/her creativity
  • How to develop a winning mindset in the face of opposition
  • The methods and channels for sharing your message
  • How to identify and target the niche of people in most need of his or her message