LYH001: Three Steps to Effectively Lead Your Home [Podcast]



In this particular episode you will hear:

  • An introduction to myself and why the “Leading You Home” Podcast was created
  • Shout out to Cindi Hall for creating the Podcast music/lyrics
  • Resource Corner: Book: Boomerangs to Arrows by Sharon N. Elliot
  • Spotlight: Felicia Houston of Anointed Wives Ministries (Chicago, IL)
  • Featured Presentation: “Three Steps to Effectively Lead Your Home”

Show Notes

Personal Introduction

  • Teacher, Author, Leader who blogs at  (full bio sketch can be found at
  • Founder, Discovering Family International, a faith-based organization which adheres to traditional Judeo-Christian values to strengthen family relationships, develop marriage and family practitioners, and empower faith-based organizations to establish thriving family ministries.
  • Published author of two books – Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples and the accompanying Leader’s Guide
  • Personal objective: “Meeting You at the Intersection of Faith, Culture, and Psychology”

Academic Credentials

  • Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from Temple University where I researched Transformational Leadership Among People of African Descent (which was the largest quantitative study of Black leadership ever conducted).
  • Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Master’s in Systems Engineering from University Maryland College Park.
  • Bachelor’s degree from Howard University’s Business School

Leadership Credentials

  • Co-director (with my wife Dalia) of the Marriage Enrichment Ministry at New Covenant Church of Philadelphia,
  • Founder of Ignite Ministry Couple’s Retreat
  • Former Director of AMFM’s Black Marriage & Family Ministry
  • Former Director of Christian Education for New Covenant Church of Philadelphia

Other Credentials

  • Former member of the editorial board, Journal of Social Issues
  • Senior Marriage and Relationship columnist for Called Magazine and contributed articles to Focus on the Family and many other print and online magazines

Reason for Creating the Leading You Home Podcast

  • Encourage you with content that allows you to make the transformation of home life a priority
  • Increase your awareness of leaders that offer products and services that enhance home life
  • Teach families how to employ the best leadership development practices in the home
  • Encourage marriage and family practitioners will the knowledge and resources to more effectively conduct their businesses and ministries

Shout Out to Cindi Hall

  • Cindi ( is the lyricist and accompanist who created the music and the voice that introduces the Leading You Home Podcast
  • We have known each other since our days at Rich Acres elementary school and having classes together through our five years at Drewry Mason High School
  • Cindi, thank you for allowing God to lead this effort. You were truly an answered prayer – love it and love you. Praying for God to expand your territory.
  • Also, thanks to John Johnson who worked on the music production with Cindi

Resource Corner: Weekly review of helpful family resources

Book:  Boomerangs to Arrows: A Godly Guide for Launching Young Adult Children
Author: Sharon Norris Elliot

Click here  to see a full review of Boomerangs to Arrows  at

Book Summary

  • Sharon uses the metaphor of children as arrows as offered in the biblical passage, Psalm 127. The reference scripture, is “Blessed is the parent with a quiver full of children”.
  • There are few resources out there that help us parents understand how to handle our adult children—particularly those who are needing (or wanting) to come back home. This one does a great job.
  • Using a creative analogy of boomerangs and arrows, Sharon helps us set godly parameters for what to expect of our adult children and of ourselves. Sharon also offers plenty of examples to help the issues and potential solutions feel accessible to each of us.
  • I was most struck by the challenge to think about the many dimensions involved in parenting my adult child in a manner that is supportive yet firm. Sharon works the metaphor quite well as she uses different types of arrows to discuss the different challenges that we face with our adult children—from those who veer a little off track to those who effectively shun our values. She shows us how to love and engage them in a way that challenges them towards all that God has for them.
  • I also really appreciate how this book also pushes us as parents to look at ourselves.

Spotlight: Features organizations that impact families with excellence

This Week’s Spotlight: Anointed Wives – Felicia Houston (Chicago, IL)

Key Thoughts:

  • Website:
  • Mission: Empower women to transforms their marriages and lives
  • Products: Marriage ROCKS apparel
  • Success Secret: Seek wise counsel from trusted others
  • Top Priority for Family Leaders over the next 3 years: Focus on learning more strategies for working with Blended Families. Blended families represent the “new normal” in family constellations.
  • Weekly prayer call on Thursday mornings at 5 am (Central time zone)—attended by more than 60 women globally. All women are welcome. The call-in number is (712) 432-0370; Passcode: 512500#
  • Felicia’s movie recommendation: “Mom’s Night Out” – Opens May 9th
  • Shout out to our mutual friend Deidra Russaw, founder of Twogether Marriages
  • Connect with Felicia on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (@anointedwives)

Featured Presentation: 

This weeks episode: Three Steps to Effectively Lead Your Home

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Episode Highlights 

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” —Jack Welch

While many of us think about the importance of leadership development in our vocation and places of business, we are often remiss in considering our leadership in the most important venue—HOME.

Example of leaders struggling at home:

  • 77% of pastors surveyed felt that they did not have a good marriage themselves
  • 50% of pastors’ marriages will end in divorce
  • Almost 40% of pastors polled admit to an extramarital affair since beginning their ministry

Three Steps to Effectively Lead Home

Step 1: Know when to Manage and when to Lead
Step 2: Communicate Aspirational Expectations
Step 3: Encourage Your Success

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What tips can you give us about leading the home that have worked for you? Why was that so effective?