LYH14: Four Steps to True Wealth in Marriage (Podcast)


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  • Featured Presentation: Four Steps to True Wealth in Marriage

Featured Presentation

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This month, June 2014, marks the five-year anniversary of the end of the period between December 2007 and June 2009 that the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) officially dubbed the Great Recession. While we certainly have seen some economic recovery in both corporate profits and the stock market, the feeling on Main Street remains  pessimistic. Family relationships are buckling under the strain. But, are economic or relational deficits more responsible?

In other words, I believe our Christian homes are experiencing sorrow because of our misplaced faith more than our balance sheets.

How can I suggest that faith, not finances are the culprit? The Apostle Paul states it this way, “…some people craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows”  (1 Tim. 6:10, NLT).

True faith models wealth rather than money as God’s design for our marriages—prioritizing equity that is relational over that which is financial. How do you pursue your own wealthy marriage?

Wealthy marriages are a MESS

Wealthy marriages are recession-resistant because they show mutual respect for the God-given gifts of each partner and commit to being shaped by one another. Wealthy marriages anchor on four principles.

  1. Wealthy marriages espouse mutual goals and pursuits
  2. Wealthy marriages embrace empowerment
  3. Wealthy marriages find emotional security in the sacred
  4. Wealthy marriages prioritize service to others over their own self-centeredness

God empowers us to transform our marital mess into a wealthy marriages as we walk in obedience to God’s edicts. When we do, I am convinced that God will highlight our marriages and family relationships rather than the leading U.S. economic indicators, as the true barometer of wealth in our economy.  Wealthy homes become an inheritance that reap transgenerational dividends.