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When working with couple, parents, families, or leaders there is one concern that is voiced far above any other. That is communication. What you hear is the well known line from the classic movie Cool Hand Luke starring Paul Newman, “what we have hear is a failure to communicate”.

While struggling relationships most readily identify communication failure as their problem, the reality is that communication problems are never the root problem. It is better to think of communication failures as a symptom.

The real problem is a failure to demonstrate value in the relationship.

Nearly all communication failures can be improved if each party embraces one fundamental idea, “All Communication is two-dimensional—entailing both Content and Relationship”. In doing so our communication behaviors can better reflect how much you value them.

  • Dimension #1: Communicating Content
  • Dimension #2: Communicating Relationship

The most important dimension of communication is the value of the relationship to you. Every time that you communicate with anyone, your verbal and non-verbal actions tell the person how valuable he or she is to you.

Regardless of where you are right now, you can improve it by focusing on three questions.

  • Do you value this person the way that you should?
  • How well do really listen to the heart of the other party rather than just the words being spoken?
  • How consistently do your verbals and non-verbals tell the other party that they are important to you?

As you incrementally improve in each of these areas, your communication lapses will become fewer and farther between. This is how you’ll know that you’re repairing the foundation of the relationship.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you communicate value in your important relationships. What makes it difficult sometimes?

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