LYH36: 15 Goals Everyone Should Pursue in 2015 [PODCAST]

How to Set Goals

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  • Featured Presentation: 15 Goals Everyone Should Pursue in 2015
  • Lesson Principle: “If You Don’t Set Goals for Yourself, Someone Else Will Set Yours For Them”

Featured Presentation

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There is one not so secret about those people who achieve great things. They set and commit to goals. The most successful achievers commit to four types of goals (personal growth, healthy lifestyle, networking, and helping others).

If you cannot commit to all of them, then choose at least two personal growth and healthy lifestyle goals and one networking and servant goal.

15 Goals for 2015

Personal Growth Goals

  1. Set and achieve two goals that will grow you towards your purpose
  2. Read two books that will improve your productivity
  3. Abstain from watching any television one day each week
  4. Attend one self-improvement conference
  5. Organize your e-mail and clear out your inbox
  6. Take a class (in-person or online) that improves your written and/or verbal communication

Healthy Lifestyle Goals

  1. Reserve Sabbath time each week
  2. Commit to 30 minutes of cardiovascular fitness twice weekly
  3. Lose 10 pounds
  4. Consistently take your prescription medication as prescribed
  5. Increase savings by at least 10%

Networking Goals

  1. Follow one person online (blog, twitter) who is successfully working in your area of interest
  2. Send “Thank You” cards to six people that help you grow as a person in 2015

Servant Goals

  1. Increase your charitable donations by 10%
  2. Donate 12 hours of your time to assist disadvantaged groups

So, which of these fifteen goals can you commit to for 2015?

Leave a comment and let us know. I certainly wish you God’s richest blessings on your 2015.

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