LYH48: How the SI Swimsuit Edition Made Me Wiser [PODCAST]


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A few weeks ago, the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition arrived in my mailbox. A beautiful, scantily lady adorned the front of the magazine.  There was definitely a part of me that wanted to open it and scan through the photos. But, there was another voice. It waited for me to answer a single question,  “What does looking mean to you?” There was my dilemma. Which voice do I heed? So, for a few seconds, I just stared at the cover. Uncertain.

Only in retrospect, however, did I realize four choices that I made in that twenty second period. And, I think these four decisions give us clues for being wise in all of life’s decisions.

Decision #1: Do I believe that there is anything inherently wrong with a guy looking at women in very revealing bikinis? My Answer: No

Decision #2: Is the Swimsuit issue really glorified and socially-acceptable pornography? My Answer: Weak No

Decision #3: Does it cast women as sex objects? My Answer: Philosophically, Yes.

Decision #4: Would I look through this magazine in my wife’s presence? My Answer: NO NO NO<

In less than 20 seconds all of this (and probably more) raced through my mind. Do I open it or not?