LYH63: How to Develop a Listen Habit at Home [PODCAST]

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The Listening Habit
  • H – Honor Purpose: Helping each person in the home develop into the person s/he is destined to be requires a sensitivity to the gifts of each person.
  • A – Affirm Strengths: Families that successfully develop leaders within their ranks focus on affirming strengths. Pay attention to what each person does well. Then, cultivate that to a level of expertise. In other words, help their good get better.
  • B – Believe Bigger: Encouragement is fertilizer for the human soul. It is pushing one another to next level of performance through affirmation not guilt or other punitive measures.
  • I – Invest Emotionally: Listening is an act of empathy—an emotion. Emotional investment knits hearts around a shared goal—reaching one’s true potential.
  • T – Talk Last: Talking is overrated. When you are talking, you are less able to fully consider what is going on around you. Talking gets in the way. If you talk last, people will increasingly value what you say.
So, there you have the five tactical steps to develop the listen habit in your home. Leave me a comment to share your thoughts.
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