Slaying the DRAGONS of Your Dreams (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of “Slaying the DRAGONS of Your Dreams”. In Part I, we learned about the adversarial nature of the DRAGONS and how they conspire to thwart the purpose and design of your life. The DRAGONS are experts of camouflage, disguising themselves prudence and pragmatism. The reality, however, is that the DRAGONS are liars. Even when they tell you facts, it is not the truth. The DRAGONS’ intention is to throw you off of your path of influence. The good news, however, is that the DRAGONS do not have the last word. You have a choice to listen to their litany of self-limiting beliefs or to tap into a transcendent truth. That truth is that you were built for the KINGDOM.

Many of us, especially those of us of the Christian faith, speak of the kingdom. But, to what exactly does it refer? It is the Kingdom of God. Think of it this way. God created you for a purpose. That purpose is different for each of us. But, ultimately, we all share a common one: to advance the Kingdom of God. We do that by listening and following the directions that God gives us to authentically connect with Him and with other people.

The systems of our world are not predicated on the Kingdom mindset. Our world systems are primarily built upon the DRAGONS’ philosophy of self-centered idolatry.

The Kingdom mindset espouses “we”. The DRAGONS focus on “me”.

The Kingdom mindset encourages giving. The DRAGONS speak of taking.

The Kingdom mindset enlists servants. The DRAGONS draft dictators.