3 Steps to Your Miracle?

I believe in miracles. And, right now, I need one.

Have you ever been to that point where you need divine intervention? I mean you’ve exhausted your own efforts. You’ve listened to the suggestions of friends and family seemingly to no avail.

The connections that you hoped would materialize didn’t happen.

The job for which you seemed perfectly qualified went to someone else.

Or maybe, the windfall of money that could have turned things around for you just never fell.

The spouse that you hoped would change his/her ways seems even more intent to spiral out of control.

A wayward child has gotten in trouble and you’ve exhausted your resources to intervene.

Where is the miracle God?

It’s agonizing.

Like a boxer cornered against a relentless foe, another hit comes before I can even recover from the last one. Hits to the body. Blows to the head. Jolts to the chin. Unrelenting…

Despite your efforts to stay positive you feel pummeled. Things just won’t seem to go your way. Makes you want to scream or even cry. Well, maybe both.

Why don’t things seem to be going your way? Great doors of opportunity seem to open for others. Why not you?

Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes it just seems unfair if I really allowed myself to wallow in self-pity.

Have you, like me, ever cried, “when is it my turn?”