LYH112: How to Replace Scarcity with an Abundance Mindset

Choosing Abundance over scarcity

Show Agenda

  • Faith in Focus: “Where are Your I’s”
  • Featured Presentation: How to Replace Scarcity With an Abundance Mindset with Special Guest, Kingsley Grant
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  • Twitter: @kingsleygrant

Helpful Resources:

Faith in Focus: Where are your I’s? (Psalms 121:1-8)

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?” (ESV)


Featured Presentation: How to Replace Scarcity With an Abundance Mindset

Special Guest: Kingsley Grant

In this episode, I discuss the following important topics and much more with my special guest:
  • Where your Scarcity mindset comes from
  • Why people of faith people struggle with embracing an Abundance mindset
  • Why Abundance is about building great relationships
  • Why Abundance requires you to push beyond the status quo
  • Why Abundance demands that you think differently about money
  • Why midlife is the best time to embrace Abundance
  • and, much much more.

Practical Tip: Write down the areas in your life where you struggle with a scarcity mindset. What do you take away from this lesson to replace it with an abundance mindset?

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