LYH120: How to have a Wealthy Marriage

How to have a Wealthy Marriage

Show Agenda


Faith in Focus: “Worldly Wealth”

(Luke 16:11, MSG)
“And if you are untrustworthy about worldly wealth, who will trust you with the true riches of heaven?”

Featured Presentation: How to Have a Wealthy Marriage

Wealthy couples set wealth goals and track their progress them in three critical areas.

The 15 Things Wealthy Couples Do

  • Spiritual Wealth – Invest in a kingdom identity
    1. Wealthy couples invest for the long-term (eternal security)
    2. Wealthy couples give first-fruit to God first and to themselves second
    3. Wealthy couples trust God for their provision (mental peace)
    4. Wealthy couples care for their temple (health)
    5. Wealthy couples share radical grace (forgiveness) with one another
    Relational Wealth – Invest in a covenant inheritance
    1. Wealthy couples put relationship before material things
    2. Wealthy couples listen respectfully to one another (because they genuinely value what the other has to say)
    3. Wealthy couples pray for personal transformation because they know it results in marital transformation
    4. Wealthy couples invest their time and resources (first fruit) to improve their marriage
    5. Wealthy couples pass a wealthy inheritance to their children and grandchildren
    Financial Wealth – Invest for kingdom expansion
    1. Wealthy couples aim to save at least 20% of their income (However, the latest savings statistics for 2017 shows that the average American only saves ~4% of their income a year)
    2. Wealthy couples generate passive or residual income
    3. Wealthy couples insure what they value or fear losing
    4. Wealthy couples give more than they take
    5. Wealthy couples spend the majority of their time with other wealthy couples

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